Ai Dogi restaurant

Dishes from Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Dalmatia


We inform our kind customers that Ai Dogi restaurant is currently closed.

Ai Dogi: our à la carte restaurant


If you are visiting Bosnia-Erzegovina come to Ai Dogi restaurant, to taste our delicious cuisine and our good wines.
Ai Dogi is open also to outside guests.


Ai Dogi is the à la carte restaurant at Medjugorje Hotel & Spa where you will find a wide choice of specialities, all of them cooked in a open-view kitchen.


Our menu comprises tasty interpretations of the Mediterranenan tradition, such as dishes from Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Dalmatia: pasta, gnocchi and risotti, grilled meat, grilled fish, and a wonderful pizza cooked in a wood-fired oven. We also have a wide wine list, where to choose the best wines to pair with your lunches or dinners.


Ai Dogi restaurant is an informal, yet elegant ambience, hence it is the right places for every occasion: business lunches, romantic dinners, friend reunions, parties, celebrations. Taste, courtesy and excellent ingredients are our business card: we are waiting for you!

Contact us to reserve a table or the hall (for parties and celebrations) at Ai Dogi restaurant.

Our staff is at your disposal for any information you need.

Specialities of Ai Dogi restaurant

À la carte restaurant

SDishes from Italy, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Dalmatia, pasta, gnocchi, risotti: all of them prepared following the Mediterranean tradition.

Grilled meat and fish

Meat from Bosnia-Herzegovina, fish from the Adriatic Sea and vegetables, grilled to perfection and following the tradition.

Pizza cooked with wood fire

Water, flour, yeast, tomatoes, mozzarella (fresh, white Italian cheese), oil and a wood-fired oven: taste and tradition are made of sinple things.

Discover the savoury local tradition

Besides the Italian cuisine, prepared with passion by our Chef, at Ai Dogi restaurant you will find savoury local dishes which will delight your mouth. Let’s see some typical specialities from Bosnia-Herzegovina.


These are grilled cylindrical meatballs, prepared with minced beef and lamb meat, and seasoned with salt, spices and herbs. They are served with chopped onions, ajvar (a spicy sauce made with red peppers) or kajmak (typical Balkan cheese cream).


Peka is the name of a traditional, heavy lid (made of cast iron or terracotta) which is used for cooking in embers, as it was common in the past. We prepare this dish with veal, lamb or octopus, togheter with potatoes and other vegetables: the outcome is a delicious food which literally melts in your mouth. Please notice that you have to book your peka!


They are grilled pork skewers, serves with vegetables and ajvar (a spicy sauce made with red peppers). Often they are served together with ćevapčići and mixed grilled meat, another traditional dish of our Land.

Wine list

We have a wide selection of excellent local wines, as for example the Žilavka (white) or the Blatina (red). Bosnia-Herzegovina if renowned for the quality of its wines, produced with native grape varieties.

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