Required documents

To enter Bosnia-Herzegovina

Documents required to enter Bosnia-Herzegovina and to get to Medjugorje





When you leave from your Country, please be sure that your papers are updated and valid. In general, Bosnia-Herzegovina can only be entered with a passport. People from EU, USA and Canada do not require a visa for short stays. If needed, you can get a visa through the Bosnian embassy in your Country. Please notice that if you enter Bosnia-Herzegovina with a visa, you must register yourself with the police within 24 hours after your arrival.




Please be sure that your children’s documents are updated and valid. Children under 14 years of age cannot travel in Bosnia-Herzegovina alone, but they must be accompanied by at least one adult. Accompanying adults other than the parents must carry a legal letter of permission given by the parents.


Car documents


If you enter Bosnia-Herzegovina by car, please be sure to carry your driving license, your vehicle registration certificate and your vehicle insurance. Above all, please be sure that all these documents are updated and valid to drive in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Also, please be sure that your vehicle insurance is covering Bosnia-Herzegovina and, if so, carry the International Insurance Card (Green Card) with you. If your vehicle insurance does not cover Bosnia-Herzegovina, when you arrive at the border you must buy a local vehicle insurance.




To avoid further problems in case of theft, please carry copies of all your documents with you.


More information


If you need more information about entering Bosnia-Herzegovina, you may contact the Bosnian embassy in your Country or check the Bosnian Tourist Office website.

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